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Photo of Julio V.

***** Julio V. Downey, CA 2/2/2020

I had a crimson sandwich, medium heat, with everything.

Besides having to deepthroat a big piece of chicken breast, to actually get into the first bite of the sandwich, this place is incredible.

The crunch, the breading, the bread, the slaw, the SAUCE just make this an incredible sandwich.

Photo of Nick C.

**** Nick C. San Diego, CA 1/31/2020

I was really craving a Nashville hot chicken sandwich and drove a little out of my way to stop in at the Coward. I really liked the vibe in here and enjoyed the bar style seating option. I ordered the Crimson, which is their flagship sandwich, and was a little shocked that the $12 price tag did not include any sides or a drink. I ended up spending roughly $25 on my own meal which included the aforementioned sandwich, a side of potato salad and a side of mac n cheese. I'm not sure how they can justify these prices but hey, I was hungry and craving.

Photo of David S.

***** David S. North Long Beach, Long Beach, CA 1/31/2020

A friend recommended Crimson Coward, so last night we decided to try it. I have to say the food was delicious!! There's different levels of spicy, medium was perfect!! You must try the fried pickles and the Mac and Cheese!! Very good!! If you're in the area and like spicy and chicken this is for you!! Definitely will come back!!

Photo of Iris L.

***** Iris L. South Gate, CA  1/30/2020

The food is Delicious a bit pricey but definitely worth it ..I love the spicy chicken and fried pickles.