***** Brittany S. Fleetridge, San Diego, CA 11/25/2020

Amazing.. accommodating.. and delicious. Integrity is defined here, especially during this time.

***** Sarah L. Monrovia, CA 11/25/2020

So good. The highest heat level is legitimately hot and I tolerate high levels of heat. Staff are nice and sandwiches are bomb. It's so big I usually not able to finish it. It is definitely a top contender in the so cal hot chicken business.

***** Elizabeth R. Los Angeles, CA 11/24/2020

This place is awesome!! They definitely deliver when it comes to spiciness & how hot they can make a chicken sandwich! They don't lose quality on the size of the chicken they use either just because it's seasoned, it's definitely a generous size of chicken given & worth the price for what you get. So yes even though it's a little costly it's worth it!

I tried the hottest level that they have since I was able to handle their 2nd hottest level & think I'll stick to the 2nd hottest level from now on! Whew! The milk was definitely needed!

***** José F. Downey, CA 11/22/2020

Ok Update time: this time I decided to get the Joey eat prize. It's huge and a stoners wet dream. Crimson sauce pickles and good chunks of fried chicken with a really good thick cheese sauce. You can actually taste good fries underneath all that. Pretty good.......