Photo of Lisette M.

***** Lisette M. Baldwin Park, CA

Wow wow, my first time here. The place is kinda small it has about 5-6 tables and a bar stool. I ordered a chicken sandwich spicy. The chicken itself is really thick and the size is more than generous. Inside is coleslaw and pickles.  Personally, I don't care for pickles so I removed them. However, the coleslaw itself compliments the chicken perfectly. For 13 dollars I would definitely get it again.

Photo of Eric R.

***** Eric R. Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, CA

The food here is fucking great and they hook you up! Their chicken is spicy so beware

Photo of Violet A.

***** Violet A. Corona, CA

Crimson Coward was highly recommended and said to be one of the best! This place is the vibe! I loved it from the food to the service.  Employees are welcoming and friendly. We sat at the bar area and the employee Carlos was great!  The staff really greets you with a smile and is very friendly-- which I haven't seen in most other fried chicken eateries. The chicken is tender and juicy and most definitely made with love! The fries are crispy and fluffy.

Photo of Warren K.

***** Warren K. Moreno Valley, CA

A crimson coward is a great place for Nashville hot chicken. Their portions are very large so expect to have some leftovers. You can't go wrong with their chicken sandwiches that come with a huge piece of chicken. The mild sauce is perfect and has just the right kick.