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Photo of Herbert B.

***** Herbert B. Downey, CA  6/28/2020

Waited a bit for my order  because it was really busy but Big Ali made it all worth it with great customer service! Love the food. Keep it up.

Photo of Jennifer G.

***** Jennifer G. Norwalk, CA 6/27/2020

My first time having crimson coward today and wow! I am pleased that the pieces of chicken were thick and juicy! This place is way better than Canes! The wait is a little long but definitely worth it! The taste was worth the wait! I will be a forever customer! Don't be discouraged with everyone waiting outside, seriously worth the wait

Photo of Francis F.

***** Francis F. Downey, CA  6/27/2020

The chicken was huge and every bite was just as flavorful as the last. I went with hot and it was a little too spicy for my likings, but still delicious. I'll have to go with medium for spiciness next time I come by. Great chicken sandwich!

Photo of M. H.

***** M. H. Riverside, CA 6/27/2020

Edit: they have responded to my review below. I'll be making the tips again. They do have great food. Ask them for their secret menu. My go to item is loaded Mac and cheese.  

I have been a loyal customer for a year, despite living 50 miles away, I always made a monthly trip just for the food.  

My last visit, My friend and I ordered the same item, loaded Mac and cheese. Upon opening the box after leaving Crimson, we noticed my friend had the regular portion, while my portion was very small.

Sent Crimson an Instagram message. Been a month no response.