3 TENDERS - $9

Served with bread and pickles

Choose 3 chicken tenders, always cooked to perfection. Crimson Chicken is served with bread and pickles just the way it should be. Crimson Coward is the only place you can get Crimson Chicken and our famous chicken tenders! All Crimson Chicken is fried and made fresh to order. Choose from 3 or 4 chicken tenders, or for bigger appetites feel free to add on an extra chicken tender to any order, we won’t tell. You will taste the difference, Crimson Coward uses only premium, all-natural, hormone, and antibiotic-free chicken. Choose your heat level, we have five!
What kind of Crimson Coward are you? The country has no heat, great for kids and those who don’t like any spice. Next up is mild, for hot chicken fans who want just a hint of heat. Medium is just a slap of heat for those working their way up from the country. Once you get to Crimson-hot you will feel the burn, most people stop here. But, for those of you who dare, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Our highest heat level is not for the faint of heart and we named BURRRRN, BABY, BURN for a reason! 3 or 4 tenders are ready to be served up fresh for you. Add on any dipping sauces for those crisp and juicy Crimson Coward tenders, add on’s include, Ranch, Crimson Sauce or honey, yum!

Photo of Jerry O.

***** Jerry O. Los Angeles, CA 11/21/2020

Best hot chicken in the area!  Had the 3 piece (medium heat) it was hot but still enjoyable! Fries  Mac & cheese

Photo of Raina H.

***** Raina H. Hacienda Heights, CA 11/20/2020

Looking for some hot  hot  hot  chicken ?! They have a super spicy  chicken flavor that'll knock your socks off  also their crimson sandwich is one of the biggest chicken  sandwiches I've ever seen!!. Bring your appetite down to Downey, CA and check them out cuz youre in for a real treat.

Photo of Angel S.

***** Angel S. El Monte, CA 11/20/2020

Amazing food and great service especially from Big A, must try! Definitely will come again!

Photo of Martha E.

***** Martha E. Montebello, CA 11/19/2020

First time here!  This is a late post from last night. Must admit I did enjoy my Joey eat fries! I asked for extra pickles on the side, no problem!!!  Staff was friendly and let me tell you, those were some hard working staff! They were cranking out the orders!!  I watched as they were all in sync pushing out the orders! Kudos to the staff!!! I have to admit I was impressed!!! Sorry no picture cause I ate it all, LOL.