Do you dream of owning a Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant? 
Want a big juicy bite of Crimson Coward?

Crimson Coward is excited to offer franchise opportunities in Southern California to qualified investors. If you are devoted to excellence in mouth watering deliciousness and exceeding customer expectations, we want to hear from you.

Why Crimson Coward?

Google Trends shows the Nashville Hot Chicken boom increasing into the mainstream. Why? We think it’s because spicy fried chicken is fun, delicious and satisfying.  The Crimson demographic is overwhelming YOUNG as can be seen below.

In our experience, young people especially enjoy the social experience of daring each other to try our hottest level of Burn, Baby Burn.
We have thrived substantially during the coronavirus crisis because comfort food is a reassuring meal during stressful times and our legion of fans keeps growing every week from Santa Clarita to San Diego. Below is a Google “heat map” showing where people are located when they search for directions to our restaurant.

The Crimson Coward team has the leadership, experience and drive to become the top brand of
Nashville Hot Chicken in California (and beyond).

We leverage cutting edge technology beyond the kitchen. Our marketing partner uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximize our  multi-channel online presence. In today’s social media driven online world, we actively engage our audience of over 70k Instagram followers and over 123k TikTok followers.

Our website is optimized for pickup orders and over 10,000 customers have joined our exciting loyalty program.

Franchise Steps

  1. Eat our chicken! Our dishes taste even better than they look.
  2. Read the About Us page. Watch the video to meet our founder Ali Hijazi and learn about the origin of Crimson Coward. 
  3. Visit our Instagram, Yelp, and Google My Business page to see why our fantastic customers love Crimson Coward and keep returning. 
  4. Fill out the Contact Information below and we will contact you regarding the franchisee qualification process. 

Thank you for your interest in a Crimson Coward franchise!

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***** Sarah L. Monrovia, CA 11/25/2020

So good. The highest heat level is legitimately hot and I tolerate high levels of heat. Staff are nice and sandwiches are bomb. It's so big I usually not able to finish it. It is definitely a top contender in the so cal hot chicken business.

Photo of Jerry O.

***** Jerry O. Los Angeles, CA 11/21/2020

Best hot chicken in the area!  Had the 3 piece (medium heat) it was hot but still enjoyable! Fries  Mac & cheese

Photo of Martha E.

***** Martha E. Montebello, CA 11/19/2020

First time here!  This is a late post from last night. Must admit I did enjoy my Joey eat fries! I asked for extra pickles on the side, no problem!!!  Staff was friendly and let me tell you, those were some hard working staff! They were cranking out the orders!!  I watched as they were all in sync pushing out the orders! Kudos to the staff!!! I have to admit I was impressed!!! Sorry no picture cause I ate it all, LOL.

***** Hector C. Paramount, CA 11/12/2020

This place is delicious. Thank you to all the crew there for making this first time great! S/O to Big A for the recommendations and fast service