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***** S. C. San Gabriel, CA, 8/17/2020

Just saw someone post about this place on FB a couple of days ago and we were headed to Orange County today so It was a convenient stop along the way. It didn't take as long to get to Downey as expected and we arrived before we could even start the online ordering so my husband just went inside to order. Their soda was out so I drove down to the old McDonald's at the corner to get a coke. Food was done when we got back, and the chicken was sticking out of the bun! OH BOY, how am I going to eat this while driving!? I got the crimson sandwich, HOT. It was Sooooo spicy! Had to take a break after each bite. It was really good, not enough slaw though because my last 3 bites didn't have any slaw. We got a mild for the 6yo boys and they said it was really spicy !

Photo of Lucy S.

***** Lucy S. Los Angeles, CA 8/16/2020

Ordered online and it was ready in 20mins. Had the Country chicken tenders w/ Crimson sauce & a side of fries. The sauce has a little spice to it. 1 sauce was not enough though it was not filled to the top either. Tenders were huge. Didnt try the bread bc it just looked like a regular piece of white bread. Would definitely go again.

Photo of John G.

***** John G. Baldwin Park, CA 8/15/2020

OMG! OMG! THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB! My Wife told me about this place & she showed me some pics & out the door we went from Baldwin Park to Downey in 20 min flat awesome & it was the some wonderful tasting Chicken Sandwich I've.  ever had & I've had quite a few I tried 2 so far going for the other Sammy's later & the mac n cheese Is amazing A worker had recommended we mix the honey in the mac n cheese Oh so good  PHAWK N AMAZING  !

Photo of Kevin K.

***** Kevin K. Rosemead, CA 8/15/2020

I used to think this place was just like Howlin Rays, but it's much more, literally. The serving sizes are huge for at a reasonable price. Adding to that, it's certainly great to the taste. My usual order of The Crimson sandwich is good enough to keep me satisfied while having their Joey-Eat-Fries to share with 1-2 other people. Their fried chicken itself is certainly moist enough with their amazing house sauce.