Photo of Daniel R.

**** Daniel R. Bixby Knolls, Long 1/30/2020

Yo so let me just say this first; the food here is great.

Now let me say some shit really quick… Yo I have never had a problem ordering from here. NEVER. But today, today was different, and I left with a terrible taste in my mouth.

Photo of Broxton T.

**** Broxton T. San Diego, CA 1/29/2020

First time coming in today, I got the home style, Mac n cheese, and fountain drink. Everything tasted amazing but I did feel like the sandwiches were a bit overpriced. I mean I don't know what goes into making the food or how much the employees are paid so maybe it evens out.

Photo of Johanna G.

**** Johanna G. Mira Loma, Eastvale, CA 1/27/2020

The food was so good! I got the Crimson Sandwich and it was so tasty. I got medium and it was the perfect amount of spicy for me. I usually think food is not seasoned but this was perfect. I texted my friend right away and recommended they visit. I will be visiting again! I'm no longer going to Chick Fil A lol

Photo of Monica H.

***** Monica H. Whittier, CA 1/26/2020

It was just an average Saturday evening.  The fam and I were hungry.  It's 9:15 p.m.  I came across some great food pics of Crimson's chicken sandwiches.  Then I read the reviews.  Instantly I'm hooked.  I love spicy food. After reading the reviews, I ordered the Joey Eat Fries with Feel the Burn heat.  They were really good.  Fries are well seasoned which is a thing for me. Cheese was perfectly melted, the pickles & coleslaw gave a nice cool tangy crunch then BOOM!  The heat of that chicken hit's your mouth.