Photo of A R.

***** A R. Downey, CA 6/1/2020

Delicious every time.  I love spicy food, and their "mild" is spicy enough for me.  If you're getting takeout, make sure to pop open the boxes and let your food breathe on the way home or things won't be as crispy as they should.

Photo of Raymond R.

***** Raymond R. East Village, Manhattan, NY 6/1/2020

I've been here many times so I decided to finally write a review.. Its one of my favorite places to go for some delicious fried chicken. Beware of the heat they add so if it's your first time and don't like spicy then start with mild fried chicken. I personally enjoy medium or hot to be able to enjoy it. Don't forget to try their fries too, either the regular or joey eats will hit the spot.  The service is great and so was the atmosphere in the time of pre-COVID. So now that you finished reading my review what are you waiting for and order some chicken!

Photo of Mohamad A.

***** Mohamad A. Bell Gardens, CA 5/31/2020

Best chicken i've ever had. I have crimson every week!

Photo of Erin O.

**** Erin O. Long Beach, CA 5/30/2020

I went back to Crimson Coward tonight to give them another chance. I still had a hankering for hot chicken since it wasn't hot last time. I am glad I did. The hot chicken was HOT, the mild had the perfect mild heat. I'm happy they took the feedback seriously and did make sure that their seasoning the food correctly or giving out the correct orders. I'd also like to give Matthew a shout out! He was super friendly and made the order pick up experience a pleasant one. So long as they continue this level of product quality I will continue to come back.