Hail to the pickle. Crispy, crunchy, so simple yet so delicious. We kicked it up a few notches with our fried pickles. If you love regular pickles you must try an elevated side of Crimson Coward fried pickles. A favorite snack food across the South and now thankfully across America, they were originally called “French Fried Pickles”. Our sliced pickles are dipped and then lightly battered and fried up to order. Everything that you love about a pickle but dressed up Crimson Coward style. Don’t forget a side of our housemade Ranch.

Photo of Allen P.

***** Allen P. Chino Hills, CA 2/11/2020

First time eating Nashville hot chicken.  I had the one below the hottest spice.  A little pricey for the chicken sandwich and fries, but it is high quality and they make it to order.  I really enjoyed the sandwich.  If you like spicy food, this is a must try.  Not sure how this compares to Howlin' Rays in Chinatown.

Photo of CT M.

***** CT M. Burbank, CA 2/10/2020

This place was amazing.  Bringing Southern hospitality and hot chicken to California.  I have been to many hot chicken places in Nashville and this place would fit right in!  The food was wonderful.  We ordered chicken tenders (medium spice). The meat was moist and tender, the batter not overpowering and the spice was flavorful with that paprika taste.  I would not have wanted to get any hotter, and was surprised at how hot this was at the medium heat.

Photo of Richard C.

***** Richard C. Long Beach, CA 2/9/2020

The food is good, the chicken is juicy and the batter is crunchy. I'd recommend getting mild or no heat only because it seems like the food is just loaded with capsaicin (active ingredient in peppers that makes food spicy). I got the crimson with the burn baby burn spicey level and when I ate it, it didn't taste spicy to me but you definitely feel the effects of capsaicin (sweating, runny nose, etc), i.e. I didn't really taste the habanero, or the ghost pepper.

Photo of Cori D.

***** Cori D. Porterville, CA 2/8/2020

Can't say was great and the service was even better than that!! Will.def be back when in town!!