Hail to the pickle. Crispy, crunchy, so simple yet so delicious. We kicked it up a few notches with our fried pickles. If you love regular pickles you must try an elevated side of Crimson Coward fried pickles. A favorite snack food across the South and now thankfully across America, they were originally called “French Fried Pickles”. Our sliced pickles are dipped and then lightly battered and fried up to order. Everything that you love about a pickle but dressed up Crimson Coward style. Don’t forget a side of our housemade Ranch.

Photo of Greg G.

***** Greg G. San Dimas, CA 10/4/2020

Nice little spot in a strip mall good selection and variety. Awesome selection of heat level when it comes to the spiciness of your chicken I'd recommend stop in and check in this place out the sandwiches are huge definitely could split it

Photo of Nana B.

***** Nana B. Bell Gardens, CA 10/3/2020

If you want spicy spicy yummy yummy fried chicken this is the place. Expect long lines so plan ahead. Best eaten as fast as possible. It's in a nondescript plaza near the old McDonalds. Get the cheese sauce for dipping the crinkle fries in.

Photo of Tanusree M.

***** Tanusree M. Fremont, CA 10/1/2020

Came here for lunch on a Thursday. It was not too busy, just 2 other customers in the store. We ordered the original sandwich HOT. The order did not take too long, about 15 min. We just waited inside. The bathroom is open for public use (at least when we were there). The guy that was making our food actually threw in some fries for free, what a nice surprise.

Photo of Faye W.

***** Faye W. Los Angeles, CA 10/1/2020

i wish i could give crimson coward & your wonderful employees six out of five stars, the food is always incredible and everyone is so welcoming and gracious. have been eating with you guys since your grand opening and will be eating here until the heat death of the universe. please open a location on the river styx, so when i die i can have your fried chicken one last time, thank you.