Hail to the pickle. Crispy, crunchy, so simple yet so delicious. We kicked it up a few notches with our fried pickles. If you love regular pickles you must try an elevated side of Crimson Coward fried pickles. A favorite snack food across the South and now thankfully across America, they were originally called “French Fried Pickles”. Our sliced pickles are dipped and then lightly battered and fried up to order. Everything that you love about a pickle but dressed up Crimson Coward style. Don’t forget a side of our housemade Ranch.

***** Dustin I. CA, CA 8/24/2020

Absolutely fucking amazing. I've been checking out a lot of these new hot chicken places and this one is at one of the tops. The only thing I would say is take away the extra dollar to make it the hottest.

***** Elilahre E. Seattle, WA, 8/23/2020

Great breakfast sandwich...Had an amazing food and the staff was super friendly. Highly recommend this place!Refreshing and healthy. I like to go on my lunch break.

***** Alexxa M. Downey, CA, 8/19/2020

Honestly crimson coward blows Chick-fil-A out of the park. 10/10!! I usually get mild because their hot is SUPER hot!

***** Chuck Z. STUDIO CITY, CA, CA 8/18/2020

For the last two years I've been having fun driving across So. Cal and exploring all of the new Nashville Hot Chicken places. Today, I found one of the best - and definitely the one with the greatest name, "The Crimson Coward." (The name alone made it worth driving out there from Studio City; I wonder where the owners came up with that name? It sounds like the name of a character in an old movie about pirates! )