One Dozen Wings

When hunger really strikes or you’re in the mood to share the Full Coward is sure to please. One dozen of hot crisp wings served with bread and pickles. At Crimson Coward we only use premium, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. What heat level will you choose for your Full Coward? Five heat levels country (no heat), mild (a touch of heat), medium (a slap of heat), hot (feel the burn). Or for the real daredevils, the hottest Half Coward we offer is the BURRRN, baby burn. Plenty to share but you might not want to share your Full Coward.

Photo of Cindy M.

***** Cindy M. Los Angeles, CA 9/28/2020

Amazing chicken sandwich and mac & cheese. They cook to order and you get to choose how spicy . Will definitely come back0

Photo of Jay R.

***** Jay R. Los Angeles, CA 9/24/2020

Ok! This place is back, they know how to take care of a guest. I have been going here and had a lil issue . But this place is classy and does care about the customers. The food is quality and packs a punch with flavor. I will continue to be a loyal customer and I will continue to recommend this place! This is a great place and if you have not checked it out then I suggest you do! Everything here is amazing

Photo of Morris B.

***** Morris B. Downey, CA 9/24/2020

The sandwiches are great, chicken is great, really good flavoring. But, if you are in a rush consider going to another chicken place maybe canes, Popeyes, something with a drive-through. The wait time is extensive, also They really need to consider carrying larger drinks. The drink selection is small and large, small being 12 ounce and large being 16 ounce while other competitors Carry 32 ounce. Just thought I would share those particulars

***** Tamika J. Inglewood, CA 9/22/2020

The food is so good, chicken is tasty and love the variety offered. This place stays packed but the parking is great.