Toasted bread, and melted cheese

The ultimate old school Crimson Coward sandwich is our grilled cheese. Bakery fresh sliced white bread, perfectly toasted with melted cheese. A straightforward sandwich that hits the spot every time. Just the right amount of bite and comfort. Loved by kids and adults, simply irresistible. Just add fries.

Photo of Georgeanne H.

***** Georgeanne H. Buena Park, CA 8/12/2020

The service is fast and the food has great flavor, nothing bad on the menu! Fried pickles is the way to go!

Photo of Deb V.

***** Deb V. Los Angeles, CA 8/12/2020

Love how tender the chicken is! Also really impressed with the serving size. We only paid $30 flat for a sando and the Joey Fries - so worth it! (Makes for a great pocket-friendly alternative to that other popular Hot Chicken shop in LA iykyk) That spice level isn't kidding around either. Definitely a spot we wouldn't think twice about hitting up again and again.

Photo of Elayah K.

***** Elayah K. Belmont Heights, Long Beach, CA 8/11/2020

the chicken tenders and fried pickles are soooo bomb!!! they hit the spot EVERY TIME. plus the workers are always so nice! 5/5 food and 5/5 customer service

Photo of Tara R.

***** Tara R. Rialto, CA 8/11/2020

I am so glad that we have heard about this place and that we took the initiative to drive an hour and 20 minutes from home in the San Bernardino County to go to Downey on Lakewood boulevard to this chicken place crimson coward is above and beyond and the staff at this location there's no words that can fit how great of customer service that they have. And the staff again greeted the way they handled me at the register Adrian he's awesome the cook awsome the 2 girls they're awesome thank you.  I will definitely