Toasted bread, and melted cheese

The ultimate old school Crimson Coward sandwich is our grilled cheese. Bakery fresh sliced white bread, perfectly toasted with melted cheese. A straightforward sandwich that hits the spot every time. Just the right amount of bite and comfort. Loved by kids and adults, simply irresistible. Just add fries.

Photo of Anna S.

***** Anna S. La Mirada, CA 1/3/2020

We were very impressed with this place! It took a bit to get our food but it was super fresh and hot (spicy and temperature) . I love spicy food but for some reason I like to control the spicy food. I'm not a fan of crying while I eat so I got the first spicy level and he got the one just above. He was hurting but I enjoyed my food. Oh and the honey is perfect to give that spicy sweet taste. The fries were delicious and we also loved the Mac and cheese.

Photo of Daniel Dong-Kyu K.

***** Daniel Dong-Kyu K. Las Vegas, NV 1/3/2020

If you don't wanna wait in line for 3 hrs at Howlin Ray's, Crimson Coward is a solid and worthy option for Nashville Hot Chicken! My buddy (Nkwachukwu O.), who's a huge fan of spicy foods,  recommended this spot so I had to give it a try. Came here with my bro-in-law, and we wanted to try several different things. We started off by sharing the Half Coward, which is a half-dozen of their wings, in medium spice, and it was fantastic!

Photo of Rich B.

***** Rich B. Anaheim, CA 12/30/2019

This is the place for Nashville hot chicken in OC

Great flavor great spice and plenty of fixings!

The chicken is crispy buttery and juicy, it kinda reminds me of Popeyes but with a kick of spice!

Photo of Frank G.

**** Frank G. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 12/29/2019

I ordered the medium Crimson sandwich with Joey Fries. I ordered medium spice which was not spicy enough for me, I enjoy spicy food. The sandwich was very tasty and flavorful.