Toasted bread, and melted cheese

The ultimate old school Crimson Coward sandwich is our grilled cheese. Bakery fresh sliced white bread, perfectly toasted with melted cheese. A straightforward sandwich that hits the spot every time. Just the right amount of bite and comfort. Loved by kids and adults, simply irresistible. Just add fries.

Photo of Martin M.

***** Martin M. Irvine, CA 7/26/2020

Wooho! Nashville hot chicken! Crimson's food is amazing and I highly recommend making a stop if you're ever in Downey or thinking of a food option while getting Portos. The chicken here is authentic, delicious, and most important HOTTTT. I recommend the chicken pieces here over the sandwich. The sandwich had too much slaw which I wasn't a fan of. Didn't taste too special. The wings had a thick crunch of Nashville goodness, were cooked evenly, and tore apart easily like the way wings should be. The wings here are bomb! The Mac and Cheese was also a hit and was creamy and extra cheezy. Also I highly recommend getting the fried pickles here. They come in huge quantities and are evenly crisp and salty. All for only $5!

Photo of Mayra J.

***** Mayra J. Los Angeles, CA 7/25/2020

AmaZing true to reviews chicken! First timers. Had  Mac n cheese in the sandwich and enjoyed the potato salad on the side. Huge portion that does not compromise the flavor. Unique seasoning in a variety of heat levels!

Photo of Pazuzu I.

***** Pazuzu I. CA, CA 7/24/2020

Absolutely fucking amazing. I've been checking out a lot of these new hot chicken places and this one is at one of the tops. The only thing I would say is take away the extra dollar to make it the hottest.

Photo of Christian O.

***** Christian O. Fullerton, CA 7/24/2020

Spicy chicken, delicious food, and great service from "Big A" (Ali). Food was ready when I ordered and the chicken was nice, tender, and spicy. I was given great service and didn't have to wait to pick up my food.