Toasted bread, and melted cheese

The ultimate old school Crimson Coward sandwich is our grilled cheese. Bakery fresh sliced white bread, perfectly toasted with melted cheese. A straightforward sandwich that hits the spot every time. Just the right amount of bite and comfort. Loved by kids and adults, simply irresistible. Just add fries.

Photo of Yadira S.

***** Yadira S. Northridge, Los Angeles, CA 2/3/2020

Bomb!!!! Mild was already too spicy so go for mild first. Everything was very delicious. The sauce reminds me of  a spicy / thousand island / in n out sauce.  Minus one star bc it was pricey and we got the shits the next day. Overall it's worth a try.

Photo of Valeria L.

***** Valeria L.Pasco, WA 1/7/2020

Dae was the coolest and told us about the yelp offers !! The food was great too. My boyfriend's been coming here since they opened and loves it !!

Photo of Olivia K.

*****Olivia K.Placentia, CA 1/6/2020

I went here for the first time a few days ago and I saw this place on yelp and was craving some Nashville hot chicken so I decided to give it a try! I ordered online I got the three piece hot tenders with Mac and cheese as a side. The chicken was super good and juicy and the Mac and cheese great as well. I like how you can see the cooks making and assembling the food right in front of you! The one thing I'd have to criticize is that it is a small restaurant so it was pretty full and packed when I came to pick up my order. Overall it definitely satisfied my craving!

Photo of Laki I.

*****Laki I.Norwalk, CA 1/7/2020

Biggest Spicy chicken sandwich I have ever seen. It's huge and I have big hands. No wonder it cost $12 just for the sandwich alone. It's definitely worth it. I picked hot flavor cuz I love spicy and it was definitely spicy. They put cheese, pickles, and coleslaw in it. I ordered a side of potato salad and was shocked how good it was.