HALF Dozen Wings

The Half Coward is a half dozen wings served with bread and pickles. At Crimson Coward we only use premium, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken.
Each Half Coward is cooked fresh to order. Six crispy Crimson Coward wings have your name on them. Your choice of five heat levels country (no heat), mild (a touch of heat), medium (a slap of heat), hot (feel the burn). Or for the real daredevils, the hottest Half Coward we offer is the BURRRN, baby burn, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Seal the deal with an add-on dipping sauce for your Half Coward, options include Ranch, Crimson Sauce or honey!

Photo of Christina T.

***** Christina T. Fountain Valley, CA 5/16/2020

Not Howlin', but pretty damn good!

5 stars for customer service! Everyone was genuinely nice and welcoming! I was greeted when I came in and greeted when I came out. Acknowledged when I was waiting for my order!

4 stars for the Sando. The chicken is juicy, the flavor and spice is spot on (I got Medium)! are great! My pickle is the cheese: get a higher quality cheddar and I think it would make it a 5 star Sando! The cheese is really overpowering; going to ask for only one slice of cheese instead of two that it comes with next time.

Photo of Pazimas G.

***** Pazimas G. Whittier, CA 5/15/2020

Oooooh man am so glad this place has opened up!!!!!!

I been looking for a place that legitly sold spicy chicken instead of it just being a chicken breast sandwich with jalapenos!!!!!

The spice on my sandwich( the crimson)was High and  made my tongue go on fire!! Although some sandwich may not have a flavor due to the level Of spiciness this sandwich retained its flavor along with the crimson sauce that uped the flavor even more and cole slaw that came inside it.

Photo of Cody C.

***** Cody C. Salinas, CA 5/14/2020

I drive out all the from Glendale about once a week for this exceptional hot chicken. Top 3 in all of LA county, easily. Shout out to Big Ali for the solid service during pickup

Photo of Alex O.

***** Alex O. Downey, CA 5/14/2020

I was there on a Wednesday night and big Ali was very helpful and had an amazing attitude ! Definitely will be going back