HALF Dozen Wings

The Half Coward is a half dozen wings served with bread and pickles. At Crimson Coward we only use premium, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken.
Each Half Coward is cooked fresh to order. Six crispy Crimson Coward wings have your name on them. Your choice of five heat levels country (no heat), mild (a touch of heat), medium (a slap of heat), hot (feel the burn). Or for the real daredevils, the hottest Half Coward we offer is the BURRRN, baby burn, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Seal the deal with an add-on dipping sauce for your Half Coward, options include Ranch, Crimson Sauce or honey!

Photo of Cj C.

***** Cj C. Los Angeles, CA 8/11/2020

Yummiest chicken sandwich!!!!! If you haven't tried it yet you're seriously missing out!!!

Photo of Gloria S.

***** Gloria S. Beverly Hills, CA 8/11/2020

Went on Friday afternoon, first thing I noticed I was greeted by Big Ali! Food was amazing and fresh. Big Ali hooked it up and kept asking if my husband and I needed anything. Drove all the way from Downtown La, and every minute was worth. Thanks Big Ali , I will definitely be back!!

Photo of Beautyundergrad P.

***** Beautyundergrad P. Rosemead, CA 8/8/2020

This Cajun chicken is very tasty. Deep fried but not overcooked. The chicken breast is juicy  and tender. The condiments complement the chicken spices. I appreciate that there is choices in the spiciness of the chicken from mild to super hot.

Photo of Quan H.

***** Quan H. Garden Grove, CA 8/8/2020

My boyfriend suggested going to this place since he has seen many YouTube videos about this place. Made the order online and had no trouble picking up the food. Since it was our first time eating their food, I got the Joe Eat Fries (medium), and he ordered the Four Tenders (mild). To be honest, I have pretty low tolerance for spicy food. Can't handle regular spicy Hot Cheetos. However, when I ate the fries and then tried my boyfriend's chicken tenders, I knew that their chicken tastes so much better when it's spicy. Mild wasn't enough. So, if it's your first time ordering there, go for medium or higher. Just make sure to have water with you.