THE CRIMSON on toasted bread and melted American cheese

When you are ready for a game-changer, then meet The Home Style, Crimson Coward’s very own Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich with a twist. The Home Style hot chicken sandwich features The Crimson on toasted bread and melted American cheese. As American as apple pie, juicy hot Nashville Chicken with soft toasted white bread and classic American cheese. We only use premium, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. What heat level will you choose for your Home Style? Five heat levels country (no heat), mild (a touch of heat), medium (a slap of heat), hot (feel the burn). Or for those of you chasing the heat, it’s all about the BURRRN, baby burn. Don’t forget the sides!

Photo of Lucy R.

***** Lucy R. Downey, CA 1/14/2020

Always good. DAE at the front was so helpful the first time I came in, and subsequent times bringing in new people. Got our meal in ~10 minutes, a huge crowd came in right after us but we all ate within 20 minutes.

Photo of Beto P.

***** Beto P. San Diego, CA 1/9/2020

The crimson coward is the go to spot if you're Jones-ing for your chicken sandwich.  It's kinda small and tight quarters so go there early to beat the line.

Photo of Bryanna R.

***** Bryanna R. Whittier, CA 1/20/2020

The absolute best chicken sandwich place I have ever been too! They don't have a LED sign up yet so it's easy to pass but the employees were so nice and welcoming! The portion sides are huge so it is definitely filling and the price is so worth it! Will for sure be back 🙂

Photo of Devon R.

***** Devon R. Downey, CA 1/18/2020

Went to Crimson Coward and they never disappoint. I always want to try something different, but, like the rest of you (reading this), I always get the same thing: Joey-Eat-Fries.  There's so much flavor and one order is enough to feed AT LEAST 2 people. Juan was the one who took our order and he was exceptional. It's awesome when you come to a fast food place that has workers welcome you in and make you feel at home. Hope everyone has a chance to try this place and meet Juan!