THE CRIMSON on toasted bread and melted American cheese

When you are ready for a game-changer, then meet The Home Style, Crimson Coward’s very own Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich with a twist. The Home Style hot chicken sandwich features The Crimson on toasted bread and melted American cheese. As American as apple pie, juicy hot Nashville Chicken with soft toasted white bread and classic American cheese. We only use premium, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. What heat level will you choose for your Home Style? Five heat levels country (no heat), mild (a touch of heat), medium (a slap of heat), hot (feel the burn). Or for those of you chasing the heat, it’s all about the BURRRN, baby burn. Don’t forget the sides!

Photo of Magdalena M.

***** Magdalena M. Baldwin Park, CA 8/8/2020

Freaking loved this place! Went with my boyfriend and two brothers after a hike and it was such a great experience. Their sandwiches were absolutely delicious. The burrrn baby burn was intense but the hot option was perfect. I'll be craving this soon enough and will definitely be back again. The staff is so amazingly friendly and even provide tips and help if you're unsure of what to get. Recommend! There's also  free drink with yelp check in (: Update: Didn't order double chicken patties and still got some! This place is really generous with their portions.

Photo of Nico L.

***** Nico L. San Francisco, CA 8/7/2020

Great place, they have a great assembly of ordering to waiting and picking up your food. Food is impeccable, I suggest calling ahead just in case it's busy. Wait times can be long but it's absolutely worth it.

Photo of Alfonso G.

**** Alfonso G. Chino Hills, CA 8/6/2020

Came in today to try it out. The girl at the cashier was very cool. I do believe it's a bit over priced. The Mac and cheese taste nasty and cold so don't get that. The fries are good and the wings. I would say get the flavor of heat medium. Hot is a little to strong.

Photo of Paul P.

**** Paul P. Anaheim, CA 8/5/2020

I had a great experience eating really crispy chicken. The hot was just hot enough to add extra flavor. The flavor was on point.I be back. It's faster to order online. But watch out Friday's it gets packed to where it's like two hours wait.