Boneless breast, CRIMSON sauce, slaw, pickles, cheese, over a bed of CRIMSON fries

Boneless breast, CRIMSON sauce, slaw, pickles, cheese, over a bed of CRIMSON fries
JOEY-EAT-Fries is a Crimson Coward specialty, we had to take our Crimson fries to the ultimate level. Get ready for this. A boneless breast cooked to perfection, drizzled with our secret CRIMSON sauce, topped with house-made slaw, pickles, cheese, served over a bed of CRIMSON fries. You can thank us later, just ask Joey!
Our chicken and food redefine quality and are made from the freshest ingredients. We only serve premium, all-natural, Non-GMO chicken, free of hormones & antibiotics from some of the most reputable farms, and all of our signature sides are all made fresh daily.

Photo of Karyme A.

***** Karyme A. South Gate, CA 2/8/2020

This chicken is HOT the mac n cheese was delicious and free for our first visit! So that was a great treat 🙂

Photo of Enrique N.

***** Enrique N. Long Beach, CA 2/8/2020

Great food great flavor a little price but it is a big meal do recommend if you like spicy chicken sandwich's and Mac n cheese

Photo of Nelly P.

***** Nelly P. Bellflower, CA 2/8/2020

Fiery! Ya! So they have their levels of heat based on how much of a coward you are Hence their name. Lol I got their MILD with a touch of heat and let me tell you my stomach was on fire but their chicken and their sauce and buns and even fries are on point. They were nice and they gave me  ranch cause they sauce me struggling hahaha. Overall will keep coming back until my stomach is strong enough for the Simple mild burger lol. I loved everything about it.

Photo of Anthony L.

***** Anthony L. Glendora, CA 2/6/2020

This place is amazing!! Worth the wait! The chicken is super tender and the spice is perfect! #crimsonsandwich #burrrnnnbabyburn