Nashville Hot chicken would not be complete without a side of Crimson Coward’s Mac n Cheese. Elbow macaroni is prepared to al dente perfection, freshly prepared each day. That perfectly cooked macaroni is then paired with a secret blend of cheeses, milk, butter, spices, and Crimson Coward’s flavor magic. The smooth, luscious and creamy cheese sauce is the perfect foundation for our mac n cheese. Sure to delight in every bite, richly satisfying, your taste buds will sing. Crimson Coward mac n cheese is delicious on its own, sure order an extra one for a late-night snack. Or let our mac n cheese accompany the perfectly spiced Crimson Chicken. For those real mac and cheese devotees, plan ahead and order our catering tray of mac n cheese for your holiday party. Dive in fork first, to comforting, creamy and oh so tasty Crimson mac n cheese.

Photo of Tyler G.

***** Tyler G. Downey, CA 5/9/2020

Food was amazing as always. There was a bit longer of a wait (approx. 20 min) after my order was intended to be ready, but Big Ali was a fantastic help and got me my order alongside a free beverage as soon as he noticed how long I had been waiting. All the workers were very kind and I could tell despite their very busy hours, they treat every customer that walks into their establishment with the utmost generosity and respect. I will definitely be back--consider me a satisfied customer.  

Photo of Gabriela V.

***** Gabriela V. Los Angeles, CA 5/9/2020

John was awesome great customer service! Definitely coming back to have more of this amazing chicken

Photo of Jesus B.

***** Jesus B. Lynwood, CA 5/9/2020

One of my fave local restaurants. The food is always perfect. Clean little joint. Excellent service. S/O to the homie Matthew!

Photo of Frankie S.

***** Frankie S. Pico Rivera, CA 5/9/2020

First time here @ Crimson Coward! And let me just say, it's BOMBBBBBBBBB! I decided to try the Crimson sandwich and my heat level was medium and it's pretty hot. Hot enough to make my nose run and hot enough to make my lips burn! Matthew was the one who helped us out when we were picking up our order and he was sweet enough to give us a free extra crimson sauce. THANKS MATTHEW UR A SWEETIE! I definitely will be back!