Nashville Hot chicken would not be complete without a side of Crimson Coward’s Mac n Cheese. Elbow macaroni is prepared to al dente perfection, freshly prepared each day. That perfectly cooked macaroni is then paired with a secret blend of cheeses, milk, butter, spices, and Crimson Coward’s flavor magic. The smooth, luscious and creamy cheese sauce is the perfect foundation for our mac n cheese. Sure to delight in every bite, richly satisfying, your taste buds will sing. Crimson Coward mac n cheese is delicious on its own, sure order an extra one for a late-night snack. Or let our mac n cheese accompany the perfectly spiced Crimson Chicken. For those real mac and cheese devotees, plan ahead and order our catering tray of mac n cheese for your holiday party. Dive in fork first, to comforting, creamy and oh so tasty Crimson mac n cheese.

Photo of Shela P.

*****Shela P.Arcadia, CA 1/10/2020

The food was absolutely delicious! I got the Medium spice level and it felt to me like the hot. Go down on the spice level if you are sensitive. The portions are huge, totally recommend this place for all the Nashville chicken lovers!.

Photo of Irene L.

*****Irene L.Northwest Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 1/9/2020

Went back here again and had another incredible experience. The mild sandwich had a really great slight spicy taste without being too overwhelming. We also got the Joey fries which were incredibly tasty and nice to have on the side even though it was just basically parts of the sandwich on top of fries. I saved half of the sandwich and it was still so so good the next day. This is definitely my favorite fried sandwich place and I've tried so many. The workers were super friendly and the line moved very quickly.

Photo of Beto P.

*****Beto P.San Diego, CA 1/9/2020

The crimson coward is the go to spot if you're Jones-ing for your chicken sandwich.  It's kinda small and tight quarters so go there early to beat the line.

I ordered the standard chicken sandwich, spice level medium.  The sandwich takes a while to come out but worth the wait. Just be careful when consuming as the chicken will be piping hot. As for the sandwich, it's balanced just right with the buttery bun, sauce, and pickle spear.

Photo of Valeria L.

*****Valeria L.Pasco, WA 1/7/2020

Dae was the coolest and told us about the yelp offers !! The food was great too my boyfriend's had been coming here since they opened and loves it.