Nashville Hot chicken would not be complete without a side of Crimson Coward’s Mac n Cheese. Elbow macaroni is prepared to al dente perfection, freshly prepared each day. That perfectly cooked macaroni is then paired with a secret blend of cheeses, milk, butter, spices, and Crimson Coward’s flavor magic. The smooth, luscious and creamy cheese sauce is the perfect foundation for our mac n cheese. Sure to delight in every bite, richly satisfying, your taste buds will sing. Crimson Coward mac n cheese is delicious on its own, sure order an extra one for a late-night snack. Or let our mac n cheese accompany the perfectly spiced Crimson Chicken. For those real mac and cheese devotees, plan ahead and order our catering tray of mac n cheese for your holiday party. Dive in fork first, to comforting, creamy and oh so tasty Crimson mac n cheese.

Photo of Anon Y.

***** Anon Y. Hazard, Hazard, CA 5/28/2020

this place is THE BEST!!!! hands down waaay better than Bangin Buns imo. The service is always great, the restaurant is super clean & honestly the staff is so welcoming it's so cute !  plus them cooks are fineee

Photo of Dez M.

***** Dez M. San Diego, CA 5/28/2020

I absolutely love their chicken sandwiches! I wish they were closer to my home. I never thought I'd ever be a fan of "hot chicken." The sound of it never appealed to me. But one day we were looking for a new place to eat on Yelp, so we decided to try it. This was a few months ago before the pandemic struck and the place was filled with customers. I had the mild chicken sandwich and their wings.... shoooooweeee! It was so good! Just the right amount of heat for me. I may try the the hotter one next time. The chicken fillet was so huge it made my eyes bug out! Very tasty! Please open up more restaurants!

Photo of Deondray W.

**** Deondray W. Gardena, CA 5/28/2020

There are so many hot chicken places but this one of my favorite. The customer service is good and the food is even better. I've tried the entire menu. I love the homestyle Crimson! I can only handle the medium heat but mild is my go to . The Joey fries are much better than I thought. Believe it or not, the grilled cheese is even . You can't go wrong at this place.

Photo of Luis O.

***** Luis O. Paramount, CA 5/27/2020

First time at Crimson Coward, we were greeted by everyone behind the kitchen counter and the cashiers well. Loved the energy the kitchen brought despite the huge amount of orders they had. Big Ali had my order ready and made sure everything was right before I left. Appreciate the hard work and extra mile they put into their customer service. Will be back again soon!