Nashville Hot chicken would not be complete without a side of Crimson Coward’s Mac n Cheese. Elbow macaroni is prepared to al dente perfection, freshly prepared each day. That perfectly cooked macaroni is then paired with a secret blend of cheeses, milk, butter, spices, and Crimson Coward’s flavor magic. The smooth, luscious and creamy cheese sauce is the perfect foundation for our mac n cheese. Sure to delight in every bite, richly satisfying, your taste buds will sing. Crimson Coward mac n cheese is delicious on its own, sure order an extra one for a late-night snack. Or let our mac n cheese accompany the perfectly spiced Crimson Chicken. For those real mac and cheese devotees, plan ahead and order our catering tray of mac n cheese for your holiday party. Dive in fork first, to comforting, creamy and oh so tasty Crimson mac n cheese.

Photo of Christian O.

***** Christian O. Fullerton, CA 7/24/2020

Spicy chicken, delicious food, and great service from "Big A" (Ali). Food was ready when I ordered and the chicken was nice, tender, and spicy. I was given great service and didn't have to wait to pick up my food.

Photo of Z B.

***** Z B. Orange County, CA 7/21/2020

Really good hot chicken. I went there with my friends. I suggest ordering online because the lines are still very long. I normally get the medium spicy.i would come here more often but I live far from Downey.

Photo of Christian C.

***** Christian C. Bell, CA 7/19/2020

Very fast service from Ali! They should give Ali a raise! Will definitely come back with all my friends. Sandwiches smack!

Photo of Amanda Y.

***** Amanda Y. Los Angeles, CA 7/18/2020

if you're looking for a reason for a good coma THIS IS IT YALL oooooowwwieeeee! The loaded Mac and cheese literally could not possibly be any better. No one does Mac n cheese well any more. It's a forgotten side. BUT THIS SHNIT RIGHT HERE  and the chicken on my sandwich had bigger, better and tastier breast than I do. Daves Hot what...? .....Howlin who.....? No thanks. CRIMSON COWARD FTW