A delicious side of our potato salad rounds out any of our Nashville hot chicken menu offerings. Our potato salad is creamy, comforting and tangy. We top off our potato salad with just a dash of cayenne pepper for a little kick. Classics are called classics for a reason and our creamy potato salad hits the mark every time. Don’t worry we won’t tell your Grandma that you like Crimson Coward’s potato salad better than the family recipe. Made just right, perfection in each bite, our creamy and tangy potato salad is a classic signature side sure to delight.

Photo of Regina M.

***** Regina M. Carson, CA 1/18/2020

I absolutely love this place.  This chicken is made to order so it is always fresh and piping hot.  My friends and I ate at the restaurant, so once we received our order it took awhile before we could eat it.  That is how hot the chicken was.  I plan to visit again soon.  Yummy!

Photo of Erica P.

***** Erica P. San Gabriel, CA 1/18/2020

So yea, I've said this before...I don't eat meat. BUT when you're in love with your wife and she does eat meat AND loves all things hot and spicy, love will make you do some crazy things. Like going to a Hot Chicken place.

Photo of F A.

***** F A. Walnut, CA 1/17/2020

Crimson Coward is another in the line of Nashville style hot chicken places--or so you'd think.


On my initial visit when they first opened the lines were long which was to be expected but I was pleasantly surprised and found the wait to be well worth it.

Photo of Henry V.

***** Henry V. Norwalk, CA 1/17/2020

Delicious chicken and macaroni. I was looking for a new spot to eat and stumbled on this restaurant. The place is small but the customer service is great! The hot levels are spicy (I am used to eating spicy food). The macaroni is delicious and tastes homemade. They put a lot of effort in their food.