A delicious side of our potato salad rounds out any of our Nashville hot chicken menu offerings. Our potato salad is creamy, comforting and tangy. We top off our potato salad with just a dash of cayenne pepper for a little kick. Classics are called classics for a reason and our creamy potato salad hits the mark every time. Don’t worry we won’t tell your Grandma that you like Crimson Coward’s potato salad better than the family recipe. Made just right, perfection in each bite, our creamy and tangy potato salad is a classic signature side sure to delight.

Photo of Kevin K.

***** Kevin K. Rosemead, CA 8/15/2020

I used to think this place was just like Howlin Rays, but it's much more, literally. The serving sizes are huge for a reasonable price. Adding to that, it's certainly great to the taste. My usual order of The Crimson sandwich is good enough to keep me satisfied while having their Joey-Eat-Fries to share with 1-2 other people. Their fried chicken itself is certainly moist enough with their amazing house sauce.

Photo of Johnathan U.

***** Johnathan U. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 8/15/2020

I had the pleasure of recently visiting Crimson Coward, they are one of the best tasting hot chicken spots out there right now, bringing the authenticity of Nashville Hot Chicken to straight to you!All their chicken is made to order and right in front of you.

I went ahead and grabbed myself "THE CRIMSON''! The Crimson comes with a breaded juicy chicken breast that comes in 4 levels of spiciness or with none at all(I went with the hot, 2nd to hottest), then doused with their Crimson sauce, housemade slaw and pickles all between a brioche bun. Not gonna lie...that heat was no joke haha.

Photo of Allyson Y.

***** Allyson Y. Alhambra, CA 8/15/2020

My husband was the one who discovered this place on his way home from work. He decided to give it a try and we were not disappointed. I got the crimson with mild heat. They were very generous with the chicken (it didn't even fit in between the bun) and they seasoned it perfectly. The heat level I chose had the perfect kick (my tolerance is pretty low lol). I would definitely come back to try the rest of the menu.

Photo of Heather A.

***** Heather A. Los Angeles, CA 8/15/2020

the workers are very helpful, sweet & efficient .. The fries are my favorite & they always make them extra crunchy (how I ask thm 2 b made).. i really like their Crimson Sauce & the ranch. The spice on the chicken is really good, burn Baby burn is actually spicy. I Have 2 try the wings & fried pickles soon, personally i don't enjoy tenders but others do.. my sis likes the honey w thm & I like their pickles. They do Not toast the bread.