A delicious side of our potato salad rounds out any of our Nashville hot chicken menu offerings. Our potato salad is creamy, comforting and tangy. We top off our potato salad with just a dash of cayenne pepper for a little kick. Classics are called classics for a reason and our creamy potato salad hits the mark every time. Don’t worry we won’t tell your Grandma that you like Crimson Coward’s potato salad better than the family recipe. Made just right, perfection in each bite, our creamy and tangy potato salad is a classic signature side sure to delight.

Photo of Christine P.

***** Christine P. Inglewood, CA 7/9/2020

This was a place we kept seeing on social media and thought dang looks great. They did not disappoint, we each got a different thing and it was a lot of food for the price. Feed six people lunch and another four people dinner. Fried pickles were amazing.

Photo of Dianne D.

***** Dianne D. Monterey Park, CA 7/8/2020

Heard about this place through a sub reddit my boyfriend was on called sandwiches or something LOL and decided to try it out. We ordered through yelp and our order was ready right on time! We got: the crimson: 9/10, super flavorful and crunchy, checked all the boxes for a good chicken sandwich joey-eats-fries: 10/10, amazing! the serving size was fairly large, the next time I get this I wouldn't get a sandwich for myself frankenstyle: 6/10, the first bite was good but this sandwich took me out, it was too much in my opinion and made me feel like I need to check my cholesterol Parking was easy, the lot had plenty of spots. This place is a really great alternative if you don't want to wait 2 hours. I will definitely be coming back!

Photo of Alexis V.

***** Alexis V. Pico Rivera, CA 7/7/2020

Really amazing chicken that leave my mouth watering ((((,: the mac n cheese is also really delicious  .. but just a bit on the pricy side

Photo of Lizzy R.

***** Lizzy R. Downey, CA 7/7/2020

So so good, with just the right amount of spice.  But I have to say it's a bit overpriced.