SLAW - $4

Who knew vegetables could taste this good? Crimson Coward Slaw might make you into a salad lover. Thinly sliced green and purple cabbage is tossed with shredded carrots, dressed in a house-made vinaigrette and garnished with fresh cilantro. Crunchy, cooling and refreshing meet Crimson Cowards signature slaw, truly the perfect accompaniment to our Nashville inspired hot chicken served up fresh daily right here in Downey, CA.

Photo of Peter M.

***** Peter M. Downey, CA 6/5/2020

Randomly stopped at this place to see what the hype was about and let me say that it was amazing. One of the best chicken sandwich's I've ever had. Also the employees were the best of help. Quick to help me with any questions I had since I was a first timer. Overall I would recommend this place to anyone. Great food and great service, hard to find that combo now.

Photo of Barry T.

***** Barry T. Downey, CA 6/5/2020

Day was helping me today & she was super helpful, answering any & all question with tremendous knowledge! I will be returning to Crimson just because of Day 🙂

Photo of Darnell M.

***** Darnell M. Norwalk, CA 6/3/2020

Little pricey but pretty good. Long wait depending on the time you go. Great customer service. Big Ali real helpful.

Photo of Michael R.

***** Michael R. Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA 6/2/2020

Here we go again! I heard about a great new Hot Nashville Style Chicken place and couldn't wait to try it! We called to see if there were any local problems due to the ongoing civil unrest but the phone was set to order by website only. Not to be discouraged we went for it anyway! Thank goodness we did! First of all the ordering from their website was easy and out order was ready when we rolled up!

We ordered a few different items to get the scoop first hand. The "Joey" box was insane. Cheese fries with crispy hot  & tender chicken breaks covered with slaw, pickles and CC sauce. We were starving and couldn't wait, so we ate it up in the car while sitting in the parking lot! OMG is all I can say. The Mac & Cheese was creamy and delicious. The fried pickles were also great & the order is large so easy to share. We rolled home stuffed so we waited for the main event... the CrimsonCoward Original chicken sandwich even rewarded was totally insane! We loved every bite!

It holds its own against Chinatown's Famous Howlin Rays and Agoura Hills Cuckoo Rooster. I highly recommend eating from all three of these restaurants!