SLAW - $4

Who knew vegetables could taste this good? Crimson Coward Slaw might make you into a salad lover. Thinly sliced green and purple cabbage is tossed with shredded carrots, dressed in a house-made vinaigrette and garnished with fresh cilantro. Crunchy, cooling and refreshing meet Crimson Cowards signature slaw, truly the perfect accompaniment to our Nashville inspired hot chicken served up fresh daily right here in Downey, CA.

Photo of Raquel B.

*****Raquel B. San Pedro, CA 1/14/2020

Do it!!!! Orders are definitely shareables large portions fairly priced. DO IT! chicken is juicy, spicy, sweet and crunchy. Sauces are the bomb as well. This place is a must try for any foodie like myself. The customer service is amazing also which makes your dining experience that much better. Suggestion: sit at the bar top you are able to see it all as well as interact w. Staff pretty cool place.

Photo of Lucy R.

*****Lucy R.Downey, CA 1/14/2020

Always good. DAE at the front was so helpful the first time I came in, and subsequent times bringing in new people. Got our meal in ~10 minutes, a huge crowd came in right after us but we all ate within 20 minutes. Our sandwiches came out HOT, fries were a little cold in comparison so I'd ask to wait on them next time. Mac and cheese was very creamy.

DEFINITELY recommend chicken sandwich lovers.

Photo of Johanni M.

***** Johanni M.Alhambra, CA 1/13/2020

This place is great for a good sized meal definitely worth the 12 bucks I spent on the fries absolutely delicious.

Photo of Monica K.

***** Monica K. Long Beach, CA 1/11/2020

Wow! Hot and spicy!  This is a small spot. I thought it was a larger diner. Was surprised to find it inside of a small shopping center. As I drove into the lot I noticed the large crowd, inside and outside. We drove out specifically for this place, 2 kids and I. Tonight it was BOOMING! No place to sit. We lined up to order: 2 Homestyle chicken sandwiches (mild and plain). We figured by the time we got our order, tables or counter space would open up.